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Customer Engagement

The goal of this site is to share short articles – stories if you will – drawn from hot topics in the news that are relevant to those seeking to define business or IT strategy; Digital Business and the Customer Experience in particular. (See example).

Understanding what the consumer really wants, and then delivering a superior customer experience is the critical factor for businesses in the digital economy. It is often more important that the product or service itself, and can be a tool for the old as much as for the new economy. (See Example).

I will also throw in a few pertinent topics on often overlooked organizational and cultural issues which can impact a company’s ability to function effectively in a digital economy. (See Example).

Sourced internationally, we will often draw on the example of China and other economies as a market disruptor for US based businesses, as well as highlighting emerging technologies and their early adopters in other parts of the world. (See example).

Organizational Culture
International Innovation

Strategy Made Simple - Really?


In spite of the title, I do not anticipate making the definition and implementation of a Digital Business Strategy - or any other strategy - simple! But I will attempt to gradually paint a picture with a series of small, easily digested examples, which highlight key strategy elements worthy of your attention. Please take a look at some of the articles – they are typically a 2-minute read and hopefully a 10-minute think . And come back for more - there will be new material added regularly!

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