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Strategy Made Simple 


Strategy Made Simple is a collection of (hopefully) useful and provocative articles on strategic issues facing businesses today. My target audience is a busy CIO or business leader who needs a quick grasp of important issues, or stimulating ideas, that might otherwise go unnoticed, and maybe some guidance on where to find further information and resources on a topic. But note that my goal is not to tell you what your strategy should be - but to draw your attention to areas where you may need to have a strategy in mind to stay ahead of the curve.


The subject matter is wide-ranging but will focus most on digital business and an international perspective. With each post I will take a new strategic topic, and attempt to distill the key elements that I believe are critical to success right now, and when appropriate offering some ideas on how to approach them.


It should take less than 5 minutes to get a feel for how relevant or valuable the material is. I believe you can recoup that investment just from some of the useful statistics and references I embed in the articles!


My goal is to make you think - either by introducing a new topic, or by putting a new perspective on an old one.


Occasionally I will provide some materials, which you are free to use. I just ask that you keep acknowledgements of this source on the material.


Market Disruptor

  My Expertise


  • Business Consulting

  • Strategy Development

  • Program Management

This man does not stop when his transport "cubes out";

he raises the bar of what is practical or reasonable;

he finds value in what others cast aside.


He is a one-man market disruptor ......

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